Saturday, January 2, 2010

There is a thin line between...

Client and escort. These lines, while should be clear, sometimes get crossed. Take my appointment last night with Daddy Dave. It was a dinner date at a 5 star resturaunt so needless to say it was very expensive. He has been a bit inconsiderate of my time. Trying to stretch more time for no money. In my line of work time=money. This is the point at which the inch becomes a mile and the client sees what he can get away with. A lot of times the client will try to rationalize this by the price of the dinner or some other added value thing. This is the point at which I need to determine if the client is trainable or if I should cut him loose. This process is a lot like determining whether or not you want to continue dating someone.

Pros: He buys me gifts and takes me to nice resturants.
Cons: Doesn't pay market rate when pushing for extra time. Slightly over emotional when it comes to me.

Result: Talk to him next time and give it one more chance. If no improvement...cut him loose.

The client has to remember its not personal its business. This is obviously a hard concept due to the personal nature of our business; but necessary. My time is my money!!!