Thursday, December 31, 2009

My mama always said...

Don't leave home without clean underwear on. Well in this business you, can't leave home without your ho bag. Men are very impulsive and as much as we'd like to "train the client" to give us 24-48hrs notice, most of time I have a minimum of 30 minutes to get to my locale and be stunning. The ho bag is a bag filled with all the essentials needed to do your job. It has condoms, lube, toys, outfits, make up, razors, etc. Now generally, these things all run out at the same time. So I have my ho drugstore and my non-ho drugstore. Call me paranoid, but I never buy my "work supplies" at the same store I buy my personal supplies. The last thing I need is the cashier remembering the 40 count box of condoms I bought a few days ago. And it never fails that a really hot guy is standing in line behind me when I go to check out. The cashier is never discreet. He checks out the kind of condoms I'm buying, holding them WAY up in the air. I feel like he's just gone on the PA system and announced to the store that we have a whore at the check out. Geez...

Well its New Years Eve and I'm excited about the arrival of 2010. There will be a lot of exciting things happening in my life this year and I can't wait to chronicle it. Its going to be a year of self discovery. I'll be leaving the agency and striking out on my own and determining what the next stage of my life will hold. My girl Belle de Jour said it best when she was asked the following question:
When someone says:"If she liked the job so much why isn't she still doing it?"
What they mean is:"I don't believe people can, or should, change direction in their lives without self-hatred and regret."

I love my job, but I'm also smart enough to know there is an expiration date in this industry. I'll be interested to see what my next metamorphosis will be.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Years....see you in 2010!!!