Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I would never....

You always hear people say I would never do this or I would never do that. Example someone once said I would never become a prostitute. Well, I would never be a stripper. As weird as it sounds, what goes on behind closed doors is easier to deal with than being paraded in front of men. At least with my profession there is some element of control and somewhat less sleaziness. I know, it defies all logic but just my 2 cents. Besides, I've never been a good dancer. Every now and then I'll have a client ask me to dance for them to which I reply I don't dance. I tend to look more like a chicken having a seizure than a seductress. It would really ruin the mood.

Rule #1: Know your limitations

I've learned that we can't be all things to all people. Some girls are just gifted in ways that I am not. Mostly in the Greek perspective if you get my drift. I've often wondered what doing that would do to my business; but then I've decided life's too short to compromise.
Business has been a bit slow lately. I'm sure its just due to the holidays and getting back to working schedules. The other day I had so many days off I thought I was a virgin again. And so, enter traveling. Will start next times ahead!!!