Monday, January 4, 2010

Everyone gets a nickname....

There are simply too many clients with the same names. I'm great at remembering faces, not so much with names. To remedy this problem every client gets a nickname. There's boat Bob, Air traffic controller Bob, contractor Bob and Bob Hart; but every now and then a client does something so unusual he gets a special nickname.

Case in point- The rubber band man. The rubber band man is a client that I have seen twice. Each time he has difficulty maintaining an erection. This could be due to several issues including blood pressure medicine, erectile dysfunction issues, nerves, etc. The rubber band man, as you may have guessed, brings a rubber band to every appointment. As torturous as it sounds, he wraps this rubber band around his penis to keep it hard thus giving him the nickname Rubber band man.

Then there is fat boy Troy who is a little bit over weight and has the school girl obsession and Little Drummer Boy who likes to beat his penis on my leg until he has an orgasm. Weird as it may sound, it proves that sex is not a "one size fits all." That ecstasy feeling comes to different people in different ways. Whether through humiliation, being dominated or just plain vanilla sex, we must always be open sexually to our partners needs.