Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pay up bitch....

Last week I had a 1st time client that lost his wallet. Now since the money situation is a sensitive issue, I generally don't ask for it until the end and the envelope hasn't been presented yet. The client owes me $600 for the session and he's been in contact with me since the appointment. Getting together with him for the money has been problematic because schedule is crazy and when I available he takes his sweet time getting back with me. Well today was the final straw! I'm a passive aggressive person so I've been REALLY nice about this. At this point, I want my fucking money and I don't care if I have get all Tony Soprano on him, I will get it.

I emailed the client about meeting tomorrow for breakfast because I'm leaving for another town tomorrow afternoon.

"I have some time to meet for breakfast tomorrow" I emailed

"Are you cooking?" client replies

He thinks he's being funny; but I don't fuck with money and don't find this cute at all!!!

"No, I'm better at cooking dinner" I reply not realizing he would take this as an invitation.

"Well then I'll take dinner" he emailed

Now I'm fucking pissed..... "Well I'm going to start charging interest"

"Alright, that will be McDonald's Dollar Menu for you then."

I'm ready to blow a gasket at this point!!!

"Don't worry I'm use to it since I'm BROKE!!!" hopefully he would get the point.

Well several hours later, I still don't have a response....I'm plotting my revenge....