Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Scam....

Well its finally happened...I've been scammed and not only was it myself but another call girl as well. It all started with a phone call. Nice southern sounding guy, he knew the right names to say and had a voice that put me to ease. I verified his references and we set up an appointment for 11am yesterday. Now sometimes, in order to save money, another girl and I will share a room when our schedule permit. We like to stay in upscale locations, so sharing helps defer the cost. Yesterday was such a day. M (as we will call her here) had a 9am appointment for only an hour. This would give me plenty of time before my 11am to get ready and change out the bed linens, etc.

I received a call that morning from my client saying that he was in town early and was going to do some furniture shopping. (Note: missed hint this guy was a loser- What furniture store is open before 9am?) I got myself together and headed to the hotel where I parked and waited for M to give me the all clear. Then out of nowhere I get a full frontal flash of M as she frantically looks out the window and waves me in. I get in the room and she explains how she just got stiffed by her client. Ms first time ever getting stiffed.

I take a minute to console her and then phone my client. When I told him the room number, he said "that's M's room". I had an appointment with the same guy that just stiffed M. After several times of calling him back with no answer, we developed a plan for a set up. It will involved my former agent who got ripped off by the same guy, M, myself and the loss of four good tires. The man lives over 2 hours away so getting home with no tires will be rather difficult. They always say vengeance is dish best served cold. Well, I say don't fuck with a ho and her money!!!