Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The long awaited post...

Since my last post (the break up), I've been busy setting up as an independent, suffering a mini-emotional breakdown and finding out I have the best friends a girl could as for.
Going independent was not as easy as I thought it would be. Its more time consuming than difficult and screening everyone is a nightmare. But this is the price I pay to have a say in who I see and when I see them. I've been weeding through emails of people who either think this is and wanting freebies or true prospective clients.

Finding the right prospective client is really hard. Ideally you want a regular. Surprisingly, sleeping with the least amount of people for the most amount of money is the goal of this job. Sometimes you get actual pleasure from sleeping with someone and other times its a true job. A client that tips is also nice. We had a talk at the ho support group the other day about tipping. I see a wide variety of clients, some extremely wealthy and some that had to save their change to come see me. On average its the blue collar workers that tip the most often, and in some way it means more that they tipped because you know just how hard they worked for it.

Well back to grind...literally ;)