Saturday, January 30, 2010

The importance of reviews

We call girls, much like actresses, get reviews of our performance. The reviews serve two purposes. The first purpose is for the reviewer (almost always a man) to display his conquest. Yes, he's proud of the fact that he paid for sex and actually think that someone out there cares where and how he used his "magic stick" on the subject girl. Now this statement doesn't encompass all the men; but a large percentage of them. The second reason for reviews is the most important reason. Because we don't discuss sex acts for money, reviews are a way of showing what we will or won't do. It is suppose to avoid the awkward questions like "Do you do A-levels?" (anal sex) "Do you participate in water sports?" (Golden showers) . Now for the bad part- Once the reviews are up they can't be changed. So if someone writes a review with inaccurate information, that's taking it back.

Enter the great, but inaccurate review I just received. I'm still not sure who wrote it. The handle doesn't ring a bell. The review over all was fantastic; however it had its inaccuracies. It lists me shorter than I am with a different hair color. It even has the wrong email address for contacting me. So some poor girl somewhere is probably getting some pretty interesting emails. Now comes the worst part... Every reviews requires you to answer some what type of blow job you give, how you kiss, if you do A-levels, etc. Well this review got something SERIOUSLY wrong. It says I do BBBJCIMWS (bareback blow job cum in mouth with swallow) I have NEVER done that with a client. So I wrote the site administrator asking for it to be removed. Chances are they won't but I have to at least try.....