Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why being a call girl...

makes me a modern day feminist. Now I'm sure there are a large number of people who would disagree. I, in no way, advocate human trafficking or the drug abuse sometimes associated with low level streetwalkers. What really irritates me is our governments blatant lack of respect for the prostitution industry. They say that I am allowed to freely have sex, protected or unprotected, with as many partners as I want as long as no one pays me for it. They are essentially placing laws on what I can and can't do to MY body. Instead of viewing legalization as way to cure several problems, they want to hold fast to laws that should have been legalized long ago.

Legalization would bring reform to the industry. Firstly, men will always have sex for money. I can't begin to understand it and certainly can't explain why. My only reasoning is that it is easier to deal with a professional and know what to expect then to have some girl approach them at dinner with their family. Trying explain the hot blond to their wife would be difficult. With me, we don't know each other outside the confines of the room. I'm not here to date them or make them leave their wife and I won't go crazy when they don't call.

Now back to legalization, since men will always have sex for money, why not use this industry to implement strict health standards like in Nevada and allow another revenue source to be added to the tax base. Sounds great right? If only there was a way to tell the men in Washington that I can do whatever I want with my own body! Yes, this is the next front for feminism.