Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The ho support group

Yesterday some of the girls and I got together for coffee. This was affectionately dubbed the ho support group and in a way its true. This business can somewhat cut you off from the rest of the society. Example, I meet a hot guy at the bar and generally one of the first questions out of his mouth is "So what kind of work are you in?" Sometimes, just for kicks, I tell them I'm a prostitute to which they generally laugh and ask me what I REALLY do. Another case in point, when your friends are bitching about their jobs. "My boss is terrible" or "my co-worker gossips about me." Its not like I discuss how one client tried to gag me with his penis or another client was 30 minutes late and didn't tip. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Back at the ho support group, we can talk candidly about clients, the industry and other call girls. Its nice to have an outlet (much like this blog is for me) for work frustration, honesty and even the social aspect of co-workers. Everyone wants to know if we talk about the clients. Yes, but generally only if we catch a client in a lie or the client does something so incredibly stupid or weird. Example, I had a client literally rub one out on my leg. I felt like I was being humped by a dog. Who can I talk to about that and will understand? My "co-workers," I love those hos!!!