Friday, January 22, 2010

Everyone's a closet ho...

I watched a HBO documentary on SW. One of the "ladies" stated that most women are closet hos. Whether you fuck for money, fuck for dinner or fuck for a nice future, you are a ho. Be it the Housewives of (insert show geography here) or the poor college kid just trying to get a nice meal, we are all whores in life. Some women are just smart enough to exploit the fact that men think with their penis more often than their brain. (read $$$$)

Escorts don't provide an opportunity to cheat. Trust me, there are just as many horny women out there willing to give it up for free. What we do offer (in most cases and for a price) is the opportunity for a man to be with a woman out of his league or more open minded in bed. While I won't do "everything", I offer way more than what they are getting at home. Additionally, there are some men that just love variety. One day its big boobs, the next super skinny. I wonder if that's what the author was thinking when the phrase "Variety is the spice of life" was for thought :)