Monday, January 11, 2010

When the sexual lines get blurry....

Although I'm not looking for anything right now in the relationship department, I actually went on a first date. It was filled with all the questions I generally avoid. Last night laying in bed, I played out how this would go, how I would answer certain questions. Surprisingly, it went well. Let's face it, any amount of time in this industry and you're the queen of self avoidance and conversation turning without them even noticing. Aside from dinner, this was surprisingly like work except for the end. It felt so weird leaving, never having taken off my clothes and had sex. Work is so much easier....I know what is expected of me!!!

On another note...Damn, Washington D.C.! This is pretty messed up!!
Apparently if a woman is stopped by police in a D.C. "Prostitution Free Zone" and is carrying three or more condoms on her, she could be arrested for prostitution!!!!
Both New York City and San Francisco have followed suit with the 'three condoms and you're out' law, which not only is unfortunate for those gals who aren't sex workers, it also promotes unsafe sex for those who are! Not okay! Our ladies should be allowed to keep themselves safe from STDs no matter what! Wonder what I'd be charged with for my 40 count box of condoms???