Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When the client is the problem....

A good ho friend of mine recently ventured outside my old agency. She became so upset at our old agent that she ventured out on her own. One of her old clients she would rather not see again has contacted her several times to which she has not contacted back. He call him fat boy Joe for obvious reasons. Yesterday, he sent an email to her that was rather crass. It stated that he always thought they had a great time together and couldn't understand why she wouldn't respond back to him. Now anyone who has seen fat boy Joe could tell you why. He is easily 500+lbs and has a foul smell about him. The first time my fellow ho saw him, he tipped her $200....hey every ho has her price. So she figured the next time she saw him she would be 1) shit faced drunk and 2) give him a shower to get rid of that smell. The next time she saw him she did exactly those things and STILL he was terrible smelling and he didn't tip.

In her email back to him, she cited the above issues and stated that honesty is the best policy to which he responded "Nothing wrong with honesty." I'm sure this hurt his feelings but really...some clients need to take better care of themselves...I mean hell they expect us to be drop dead gorgeous and smell like roses....at least they can be less than morbidly obese. Or maybe the rate system should change from by the hour to by the pound!!!