Sunday, August 15, 2010

Open letter to a clingy/overbearing client

Dear Client,

Thank you so much for your business over the past few months; however just because I provide the GirlFriend Experience doesn't mean I AM your girlfriend. I'm sure you remember that I am paid hourly. This $$$ for the time that we spend together. It does not include me sending you cute, sexy emails throughout the day or picking up the phone when you call to listen to bitch about your wife or give you advice on how to deal with whatever crisis you have going on. If you would like to continue seeing me I am going to have to raise your rate an extra $500/hr to compensate me for the time you would like to spend emailing, sexting, calling, smoke signals, etc. I'm not sure that you understand that this is just business but it is. I know you think there was a connection between us; but that's what I get paid to do....invoke a feeling you haven't felt in a while. I mean seriously on what planet would a beautiful 29 y/o who has a bangin' body fall for a 57 y/o lard ass that can only talk about how much money he makes and is a total downer?!? So since you make all that money I'm sure you won't have a problem with our new arrangement...... xox Courtesan