Thursday, March 4, 2010

When worlds collide part II…..

The client-call girl relationship is like any couple: you have your ups and downs. In ideal situations, the downs are temporary, and the ups make it all so worthwhile…. Sometimes a great client can make a mistake, and this is so much worse when the mistake comes in that all important review. A repeat client – I’ll call him A for his personality type – booked me not long after he arrived in town on business. Unfortunately the plane served alcohol and more unfortunately, he helped himself. We planned to have some dinner, as we usually do. However, this time I met him at his hotel room just down the street from the restaurant. He was smiling and friendly, no big surprise, but he draped his arm around me to maintain a slightly tipsy balance. This was not a problem. Yet.At the restaurant we were seated in a familiar section to me. The waiter was a client. I’ll call him B for his personality type. B had made it to my bad side by submitting a made up review in order to get a free membership to one of the all important provider sites. As we knowingly exchanged glances, A continued to drink. And B already knew he was in trouble with me. Awkward might not be a strong enough word to describe the situation. A insisted (and remember his personality type) that he sit on the same side of the booth as me. This is not something I like to do even when I’m with the one I love. From here, A got worse, as he attempted to finger me in the booth. I was furious. Meanwhile, I’m also pissed at B, and he was pissed at A (thus putting A farthest down on the shitlist). Finally, A had to empty his bladder, which gave B an opportunity to apologize. Lucky for him, I was so mad at A that I let him off the hook. A was wasted enough that I was able to sign the tip for him when we left. Being in a service industry like B, I more than made up for the pain that A caused him. Let me rephrase that, A more than made up for it with the tip. I basically carried A to his hotel where I refused his cash and left him to stumble and fumble his way to his room and fall asleep. But he didn’t pass out.Every client has my ho phone number, but to avoid being woken up at 2 AM, I put it on silent at night. Well the following morning, I had 27 missed calls, all of which came from the same Type A personality. He couldn’t take the rejection he brought upon himself! There was a positive result that came out of this: after I admonished him (not via my whip but via email) he posted a positive review in which he confessed his drunken stupor. Incidentally, he saw one of my best ho friends the next day and was a perfect, sober gentleman, which pisses me off a little more!