Friday, March 12, 2010

Fallout in the Ho World...

I've learned a very good lesson this week....You can't always find good in people. I had a falling out with another escort I was "friends" with. I'm the sort of person that use to believe there is some good in everyone; but I am quickly finding out in this business that so-called friends will stab you in the back for a dollar.

This girl's business had slow for sometime. I know why her business is slow. L's business plan is to find a small group of exclusive clients that only see her and rotate them on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. While this plan is good in theory, reality says men are whores will see other girls. I mean, hell, half of them are already cheating on their wives and you expect them to be exclusive to you? Your pussy isn't 14k gold honey! Of course when L becomes possessive and refuses to give out references to other girls, she seals her own fate with her clients..

Enter the betrayal....

I had an ATF (all time favorite) client. He was one that I was slowly divulging information about my personal life to. I truly enjoyed hanging out with him and loved seeing the business through the eyes of a hobbyist. He made an appointment with L, which he will admit was the 2nd worst sexual experience of his life. I'm not sure what made this true; but I did warn him that I did not think seeing her was a good idea. With that said, he made an appointment with her to have drinks. During this time, L let my ATF in on some information regarding my personal life. As a provider, she has no right to do so. She then continues to invite him into her exclusive circle of clients.

MY ATF emailed me what she had said and needless to say I feel betrayed. When I confronted her, she would never admit to what she had done. She kept playing the victim (like she does in life) and attacking me. I lost my "friend" and my ATF. Both of whom I will never speak to again because of this.

Lesson Learned:

Never befriend a ho who is backed into a corner....she will fuck you up.