Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The sometimes lonely world of a call girl.....

Ever since the fall out, I've been VERY cautious of whom I come in contact with and what I say. I had the dream that girls could actually be in this business and be friends; but as I quickly found out , they will bring the claws out at the thought of a dollar. With that said, I now keep to myself. I do have a traveling partner and I know I can trust her with anything; but beyond that I trust no one. Not even my former ATF client. After all, it was he who started this mess. I told him seeing the other girl would be trouble, yet he did. After the experience panned out the way I knew it would, he got the bright idea to have dinner/drinks with him. I, again, told him this was not a good idea; yet he did again. Part of me believes that he did this with the intention of gaining more personal information about me. He knew the other provider was a gossiping ho and would gladly throw any dirt on me his way. I'm not sure what he stood to gain from the meeting. He knew the other girl was not someone he would want to be around so the latter is what I believe he sought. I'm left feeling seriously violated. I've lost a friend (and I'm not talking about the girl) and most importantly I've lost my trust in other people. I hope he thinks the dinner/drinks was worth losing what he lost.

On another note, I learned how to play poker the other day. It was quite the rush and I can see how it can be addicting. Might be going back to the poker room this weekend to test my new found knowledge!!!