Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The incall situation

In escorting, there are two types of appointments- Incall and Outcall. Incall refers to when the client comes to me and outcall is when I go to the client. Some girls will see clients at their house. I'm a firm believer in keeping work and personal separate. For my incall appointments, I rent a hotel room at an upscale location. Last night I had an appointment and since check out isn't until noon the next day, I left all my work stuff there. Today I show up with L and housekeeping was cleaning the room. At this point, I'm in a mad panic. L walks over to the nightstand and grabs the roll of condoms. I feel a sigh of relief. That was a close call with housekeeping. The woman walks in and changes the bedding. When she walks about she has my bottle of lube in her hand!!! I'm bright red and thinking OMG I've been found out. I can feel a massive panic attack coming on and L is trying desperately to calm me down. I try to act as if nothing happened; but dammit I just bought that bottle!!! I need to start being more careful.