Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back to reviews....

Well my review with inaccurate information still hasn't been fixed. I've emailed them over and over but not response.
On another note, I've been getting reviews from people who haven't even seen me since I've gone independent. One one site, the reviewers get a month free for reviewing a girl. I've had two that have done this and one rated me as a cut above (which on the scale is like a 4 out of 5) and most of mine are best ever. I'm so pissed over this because even though its not bad review, I don't want too many of them. The reviewer goes on to talk about my "magnificent jugs"???? Talk about class. I sent him a very livid email. I don't like when my reviews go into too much detail, let alone sound like bad porn. The review is there, I can't get it changed....I can only do a rebuttal, but first I want to wait for his response to my pissed off email before I write anything. More proof that men think with their penises and not their brains.