Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It takes all kinds....

This line of work has been been an eye opening experience into the psyche of men. They all want different things in their call girl. One successful business owner wants to be cuckold and have me tell him of my other sexual adventures with men. Another middle school teacher/basketball coach wants to be humiliated. Daddy Dave wants dinner at Ruth Chris with a woman clearly out of his league. He likes to see all the other men stare in amazement at our interactions, shared kisses, etc. MGD 64 Rob wants just a beer and a blow job. He never fails to bring a six pack of MGD 64 to every appointment. Then there is Troy, who has never grown out of the school girl fetish. For the time they have paid for, I am whatever the client wants.

A side from some bizarre sexual fetishes, my clients are completely normal. They hold down jobs ranging from working for the mayor's office to urban engineer to teacher to waiter. Some suffer from sexual addiction others just want a sensual kiss, a good fuck or someone to listen to their problems. Either way, it takes all kinds in this industry to keep money in my pocket and at the end of the day its all about the Benjamins!