Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SW vs CG

I'm going to give a shout out to Ms. Blurb for this post. In the industry language, we CGs (or call girls) commonly get asked if we are SWs (street walkers) by people who assume all CGs are SWs. My reply to that is HELL no. I truly pity those girls. SWs are generally the ones with addiction issues and abusive pimp/drug dealers. They give it up for less money, don't adhere to strict health codes and generally spread disease. CGs, on the other hand, don't use drugs or even smoke, screen their clients very throughly, have height/weight and hygiene criteria and meet at your local four or five star hotel. Generally speaking SWs provide just sexual gratification while a CG provides a girlfriend like experience (GFE). I never really got the GFE term. I mean, I'm sure my clients don't want me to nag them to death and withhold sex, right? LOL. Even, in whoring there is a caste system and in that system SWs are on the very bottom.

If you want to know what an upscale escort makes in any given city, just take the average attorneys make in an hour in that said city and that's what a good call girl makes. We rely on regulars, reviews of our performances and referals. Its just like any other sales and customer service oriented job. I would say that I generally enjoy my job. Yes, there are times where it seems like a job and other times I can't believe I'm getting paid to do this. For example, Daddy Dave is a bit wearing. Believe it or not it is harder to emotionally whore myself out then physically. His sessions are ALWAYS mentally draining and leave me feeling like a nap. Daddy Dave wants the GFE, girlfriend experience. For our time, I'm the perfect girlfriend. This generally includes a lot ouddling, passionate kissing, conversation and of course sex. The worst thing about the conversation part is they want to know all about you. As my profile says, "Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies." In this business, we have our worklife and our personal life and you pray to God that the two never cross paths.