Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Once a upon a time...

I'm an upscale escort...there I said it. While this isn't something that the world looks favorably upon, once a upon a time it was a titled position in the King's court. With this position, came great power and wealth. In that time (and somewhat like today's time), Kings married for treaty purposes and access to other countries' treasuries. They found true love in their long term mistress. These women weren't particuliarly beautiful, but were smart, quick witted and provided a warm personality that the King rarely found in his Queen.

Prositution is the world's oldest profession; but in reality it is so much more than just sex. A suprising amount of men just want someone to listen to them, they want to feel as if they have pleased a woman and most of all they just want to feel alive again. Sure there are men who are looking to get a quick nut off; but the girlfriend experience (GFE) is what most are looking for. They have incredibly busy lives which may or may not include spouses and children. I have married and single clients of all ages, each one looking for something different in our visit. My job is to find out what that thing is and give it to them.

Many people don't agree with what I do. I wasn't forced into it by some evil pimp. I've never been abused by anyone or addict to anything, well that is except money. My father once said "work smart not hard' and that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm not a $2k an hour call girl; but I will say excusivity comes with a price. I live a good life and have no regrets. I don't have a boyfriend and I live a somewhat in the shadows of society. I'm the girl next door you never thought would do this. Its hard to meet people and explain what you do without having a stigma attached. I mostly tell people I'm a life coach, which isn't far from the truth. I've listened to countless issues related to my clients and even offered some advice to the situtation. These issues range from work to personal to what should they wear on their next date.

I find fairly often that my clients haven't been truthful with me. For whatever reason they feel the need to lie whether it is about being married or if he is seeing another escort, etc. I never let this affect me. I don't tell them my real name so I can't really be a hypocrite. One thing I can always count on is that when it comes this business there will always be Sex, Lies and Money.